Disappointing Weekend

I had a disappointing weekend. Date night on Saturday, family outing on Sunday. Neither turned out so great. Date night started with some shopping. I became irritated as Carol and I walked through a mall, trying to find new shoes for me. I tried to keep my anger in check, but some of my "jokes" … Continue reading Disappointing Weekend


Marriage Counselling session 3

The marriage counsellor asked how our two weeks went. I looked to Carol to answer. As mentioned before, she rarely initiates discussions so I do enjoy seeing her talk first. “It’s been okay. I went out of town for a work trip,” Carol said. “And Jack, how was your anxiety regarding that?” “Hmmm... no I … Continue reading Marriage Counselling session 3

First Individual Counselling Session

I met my counsellor today. She was nice and friendly but I didn’t really ‘click’ with her. I gave her a rundown of the affair, told her what I’ve gathered so far about Carol’s “reasoning” and all the contradictions that come with that. I talked about my anger, the comments from the marriage counsellor, and … Continue reading First Individual Counselling Session

This Week in Jack’s Sex Life – Option B

Continued from This Week in Jack’s Sex Life – Talking and Teasing Wednesday On Wednesday afternoon, I got home from work and immediately went to the bedroom to change. While I was shirtless, Carol entered the bedroom and hugged and kissed me. She pulled away a bit and pinched my nipple. I responded by lifting … Continue reading This Week in Jack’s Sex Life – Option B

This Week in Jack’s Sex Life – Talking and Teasing

This is the subject I dread most when I think of people I know discovering my blog. I’ve talked about it a little bit already and it was quite uncomfortable then. Now I’m going into more detail. Keeping things inside does me no good and you all already know so many personal details already, so … Continue reading This Week in Jack’s Sex Life – Talking and Teasing