How I Met Your Mother part 2

I was never one to hide myself from others. I’ve always believed that if you want to keep something secret, you share it with no one. As soon as one other person knows, everyone else will know in time. That’s why infidelity will never remain a secret. When you commit infidelity, one other person already knows, and it’s just a matter of time before the word spreads.

Neither Carol or I were attached to another when we kissed. The problem was that Doreen was my friend and I kissed her sister. I knew she would not be happy with that. She had mentioned before how upsetting it would be to her if one of her close male friends dated her sister and inevitability broke up, how that would put her in an awkward position.

I did what I knew I needed to do: I simply told Doreen what happened. She was angry. I tried to reassure her that we’d always be friends regardless. There was some back and forth about it that I can hardly recall.

She did ask at one point, “Do you regret it?”

“No,” I responded. She was incredulous. After she yelled at me a bit more about risking our friendship and the peace within our group of friends, I elaborated. “It felt right and natural. I can’t regret something that made me feel like that.”

“Well why you two just f**k and get it over with?”

Well, within a few weeks Carol and I did f**k, but we didn’t get it over with. Our relationship continued to grow, while my relationship with Doreen began to wilt.

Carol and I spent a lot of time just holding each other and watching TV in her basement bedroom at her parents house, the room she now spends her nights at alone, while I stay in our house with the kids. The woman who couldn’t keep her hands off of me became the woman who would never initiate any kind of contact. The woman I devoted myself to, who loved me so passionately, became the woman who pushed me away as much as she could, in order to justify her appalling actions.

16 years. How things have changed.

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