The Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

Thank you for reading my blog. Writing out these recent events in my life and my relationship past has been very therapeutic and has helped me see it all in a different light. With your likes and follows, I was able to discover other wonderful, helpful blogs about marriage, infidelity, depression, and more. We are not in this alone.

I warned in my introductory post that I would bounce around the timeline. Because of that, I decided I should post a chronological list of my posts once in a while. If you’re interested in my story and want to read in order, here it is.

    1. I am Jack
    2. Your Past Will Not Protect You (How I Met Your Mother part 1)
    3. How I Met Your Mother part 2
    4. From Dating to Proposing
    5. The Incident.
    6. The Reaction.
    7. That Weekend part 1
    8. The Breakdown. (That Weekend part 2)
    9. 1.5 Months Later…
    10. A Month Ago
    11. My Incident.
    12. Reconciliation?
    13. 2 Months Later…


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