Million Dollar Family

Carol was carrying our second child inside her while also working for two thanks to Rick taking advantage of her picking up his slack.

One day at work, she suddenly stopped what she was doing and asked a coworker to cover for her.

“What’s wrong?” Her coworker asked.

“I think I just peed myself,” Carol replied.

She went and cleaned herself up but not long after, she felt it again. She left work and went to the hospital.

She was leaking amniotic fluid and had to stay in bed at the hospital. For two weeks, I would go to work, spend the entire evening at the hospital, then go home only to sleep. It was just Sam and I in the house and we were never home to take care of any housework.

I tried to be there as much as possible but still, I had to work. I noticed that there were activities for pregnant women to participate in to pass the time but Carol wasn’t interested, in spite of suffering from extreme boredom.

One evening, as I was about to leave, she said, “When you come by tomorrow-”

“Tomorrow?!” I said in near panic, “Please honey, I can’t! The house is a mess, we got no clean clothes!”

And so, I left her at the hospital for one day while I did housework. I really didn’t want to leave her there alone. She was bored and lonely and spent all day looking forward to seeing Sam and I in the evening.

Carol gave birth to Sam before the epidural kicked in. Because of that, she was ready to birth our second naturally. She looked forward to it. After a few weeks of bed rest, it was now safer to induce labour.

But there was a problem. The baby was now transverse and couldn’t be turned in utero because so much fluid was lost over the weeks. Carol required a C-section. She was devastated.

I was and still am amazed at how Carol handled her pregnancies and births. I feel such pride and admiration for her, for carrying and bringing our children into the world. It may not have gone the way she wanted but she did it and I’m proud of her.

A tiny little girl named Sarah was removed from Carol on a Saturday. It was a unique experience for me as I got to spend quite a bit of time alone, bonding with Sarah, while the doctors finished up with Carol. I barely got to hold Sam after his birth. I’m thankful to have had that opportunity this time around.

Now there were four of us. Husband, wife, son and daughter. A million dollar family, they say. We were complete.

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