August Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

Okay, one more post before my weekend getaway with Carol.

Thanks again to everyone for all of your support. Walking the Journey, thank you so much for your insightful comments, you are amazing!

I bounce around the timeline quite a bit in my posts, so I like to occasionally organize my story in as close to chronological order as I can get. Some of my posts cover a broad time period and are difficult to organize but I try to find the best spot for them. I’m going to use this list review my whole story thus far before our marriage counselor appointment on Monday.

    1. I am Jack
    2. Your Past Will Not Protect You (How I Met Your Mother part 1)
    3. How I Met Your Mother part 2
    4. From Dating to Proposing
    5. Marriage and Pregnancy
    6. Parenthood
    7. The Nightmare part 1
    8. The Nightmare part 2
    9. The Nightmare Concludes (part 3)
    10. Coping with Life Changes, Dealing with an Idiot
    11. Million Dollar Family
    12. No More Babies
    13. The Incident.
    14. The Reaction.
    15. That Weekend part 1
    16. The Breakdown. (That Weekend part 2)
    17. 1.5 Months Later…
    18. A Month Ago
    19. My Incident.
    20. Reconciliation?
    21. 2 Months Later…
    22. Last Night’s Talk
    23. When the Dark Cloud Lifts and the Truth Shines Through
    24. Anniversary Weekend
    25. Diary of a Sad Man
    26. When I’m Wrong
    27. The Pressures of Marital Sex
    28. Who Am I?
    29. I am Jack’s Guarded Heart
    30. The Incident Revisited

5 thoughts on “August Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

      1. That’s awesome. It’s hard work, but with both committed to do so, I believe it can be done successfully. I still have setbacks, but overall am amazed at how far we have come. Keep moving forward… xoxo Dolly

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