An Idiot Removed

Today, Carol and I walked the kids to their bus stop for the first day of school. Two things go through my mind during these life events: 1. I’m glad we are here, doing this together, and 2. She wanted to throw this away.

Last week, Carol had a meeting with the owners of the stores she runs. She gave them a choice. Either Rick goes, or she goes, along with some other managers. She told his parents all about the years of incompetence and unreliability. She repeated many things I’ve reminded her of since our separation and reconciliation. She told them how it all began with her pregnancy, continued about missing many of the children’s events and special moments from covering for him, and finished with the text from her manager while we were on our weekend trip.

In the end, the choice was clear: Rick had to go. To get his own parents to see that and agree to it was an amazing feat. I’m proud of Carol for stepping up and getting the owners to see that their son is not cut out for the job. I’m proud of Carol for finally listening to me, to the point of even using my own words.

Now he’s out. She was able to block his number for there is no reason to contact him or be contacted by him. He’s completely out of her business. Good riddance.

Carol did not feel good about the conversation and hopes he gets his life together. I hope that he can find a way to somehow blame me for this because I’d love to take credit for the end of his cushy job provided by mommy and daddy. In a way, I can.

Back in May, Ricks parents were on vacation and Carol said that for once, for those couple of weeks, Rick had really stepped up and was doing his job well. Because I caught them in the act, it all came crashing down and Rick completely regressed.

As far as I’m concerned, Rick only stepped up at his job to convince Carol to have sex. It was working since Carol is apparently stupid and has a short memory. Dumbass Rick was getting what he wanted so he was happier to do his job. He was getting back at his wife for whatever sin he imagined she committed (he had told Carol a wild story of Jennifer cheating on him).

I showed up and destroyed it all. Joe, my alter ego, would be proud but I think he’s way more into planned suffering, not happy accidents. Rick ran from his job and left Carol to do everything. He threatened suicide and was taken to the hospital for psychiatric care, though he weaseled his way out of that and got himself back home. He has fallen apart again and with that, he has lost his job. No more trying bang his employees. No more influence on Carol’s obviously easy to manipulate brain.

Carol may feel bad about the destructive path Rick is on but I don’t. I feel good about it. In fact, I take delight in it, I could say.

Do I want to see him go deeper into the darkness?

I’m not sure.

Would I mind if he did?

No, not at all.

Hello, Joe.

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