The Day I “Cheated”

This happened while Carol and I were dating. I was having trouble finding a job that I didn’t detest. I enjoyed anything that kept me involved in the music industry and sometimes I could get work at concerts or festivals, doing set up and tear down and sometimes running errands for the artists.

On this particular occasion, I was hired to help out at a weeklong event at a university a few hours away from home. There were music acts, magicians, and comedians performing all week long outdoors and indoors.

University students were everywhere getting their drink on while I was basically a greasy roadie, living out of a car for the week. A student allowed me to spend the night on her couch at one point and even let me use her shower, but other than that, yeah, I was pretty filthy.

With a crew of other people with various levels of strangeness, most of them also in their early 20’s, I spent the first few days building the outdoor stage. One afternoon, while we were on a break, I lay down on the stage to have a nap.

At some point in my nap, I heard some commotion and female voices. I wasn’t able to determine what they were saying until later. The footsteps thumping on the wooden stage I lay on finally got me to open my eyes in my groggy state.

I saw a student straddling over me. She bent down and planted a big, wet kiss on my lips. As I was still processing this event, a second student dove in to kiss me on the cheek and off they went.

Try to imagine that. You are a greasy, filthy roadie sleeping on a stage in the afternoon. You hear and feel the thumping of feet close by, and as you look to see what on earth is disturbing you nap, two women kiss you and run away.

Later, I was able to determine that they must have been saying, “kiss me, it’s pyjama day” as they ran up on stage. I wasn’t the only stagehand who got it. The rest of the guys were laughing about it and commenting on how hot the young ladies were. I also recalled that they were wearing tank tops and pyjama bottoms. It must have been some kind of school or dorm event.

It’s certainly not disturbing to be kissed by a pretty woman but it’s also something I did not consent to and was unprepared for and because of that, I was mildly irritated. Later, I borrowed a cellphone to call Carol and tell her what happened.

And so, the story of my “cheating” was born. It’s been shared with our families and laughed about on a few occasions over the years.

“The day Jack cheated on me.”

I don’t find it funny anymore.

3 thoughts on “The Day I “Cheated”

  1. Imagine if the genders were reversed and it was a young lady laying down and a man lay on top of her and kissed her and then yet another man kissed her. No one would be laughing.

    You didn’t cheat – you were sexually violated and I’m so sorry for that xo

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    1. It’s no big deal. Sure, it was an inappropriate thing to for them to do, but I certainly wouldn’t describe it as a sexual violation. My point was that there are things we can’t tease each other about anymore, like what you described in TV and Triggers.

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