Joe’s New Home

Let me start this off by telling you that Hypnotherapy is amazing. I was nervous about it at first but after my third session, I’m not as afraid of letting my mind flow freely in a relaxed state anymore because I have a good therapist to guide me through the hypnosis.

Let me tell you about my recent session.

It was last Friday. We had our marriage counselling session which made me feel a little more hopeful for Carol and I as a couple. I went out to see my therapist a few hours later.

My session started with talking. I explained the recent events and the session we had a few hours earlier. My therapist (let’s call her HT for hypnotherapist) listened and questioned and challenged me on my thoughts and observations. I had to keep in mind that she really didn’t have a complete picture and certain topics that had me bouncing around the timeline created more confusion. I tried to explain as much as I could, but there was only so much time.

During the hypnotherapy, I was to visualize a room where I was safe and had all I needed to keep myself strong and healthy, as well as jars that contained all the answers to any questions I had in life. I’m a creative guy and I can visualize well, so that came easy enough.

I pictured a nice, cozy cabin with a fireplace in the corner, furnished with a table and, in the far corner, a bed. On and around the table we’re various items I associate with feeling healthy. Above the fireplace was a row of large mason jars.

HT then asked me to look in one of the jars to see a message. It was from this point on when it stopped feeling like I was consciously conjuring up images. Instead it was just happening.

I picked up the jar while another jar on the shelf above giggled. There were messages floating in all the jars but they were obscured by smoke. I opened my jar and a message in black ink on yellowed paper floated to the top of it. I read it:


It’s nice to finally meet you.


I was delighted by this message but I notified HT that there was another jar that was really trying to get my attention. She asked if I wanted to look in it.

“I don’t have to,” I smiled, “because I can already see that the answer is ‘yes’.”

I was really thrilled to see that the answer was “yes”. It was an important question and it was the answer I had hoped for.

HT told me that this place was inside me. It was my true inner strength that I was finally meeting. She asked me if I saw another ‘me’ in the room. I thought she wanted me to meet my inner strength, but I was already him. I was big and powerful. I looked down and saw the arms of a strong, young man on me. This is when I saw a person crumpled on the floor.

“Yes, I see him,” I said.

HT asked if he will take a seat with me and that’s when I noticed two big, green, comfy chairs behind me. I looked down at the ‘me’ on the floor. He had pale, thin limbs.

“Uh… I don’t think he can get up,” I said.

HT asked me to help him. I sat him down in the seat to the left of me. He was barely recognizable as Jack. He very thin hair, his eyes were grey and sunken deep into the sockets, and his skin was so withered and pale.

“He looks sick,” I said with sympathy and maybe a bit of fear.

HT asked me to take him by the hands and tell him that I love him, he’s safe, he’s strong like me and he doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. I was then to stand up and embrace with him, as we were to merge into one.

As I spun around, merging with the other me, I kept getting distracted by a figure snickering by the doorway. Eventually, HT asked if I had merged yet as I wasn’t saying anything.

“Yes, but there’s someone else here,” I said, eyeing the dark figure at the door.

HT asked if I wanted to let him in.

“It’s too late, he’s already in,” I said.

She asked if I knew who it was. He stepped forward into the light, he had a wide grin on his face and was carrying a baseball bat.

“Yeah, I know who he is,” I smiled, “His name is ego, but lately I call him Joe.”

HT asked if I was ready to merge with him.

“No,” I replied.

HT told me what to tell him. That I’m strong and he has no power over me. I felt strong and confident in facing him, but he stood there mocking all her words as they came out. Unlike the weak me, Joe could hear every word HT was saying and didn’t need me to repeat it.

“Do you really think this is going to help us? You know it’s you and me together, friend. This hypnotherapy nonsense ain’t gonna do shit for you,” Joe said with a grin.

I continued smiling back at him, “He’s not listening,” I said. “He thinks he has it all under control, but I know better.” My eyes were locked onto his. He wasn’t going to win this. He was smaller and skinnier than me, and in my cabin, your physical form represents your overall strength. I had him beat, not by a whole lot, but the size difference was noticeable.

HT asked me to find something in the room to help deal with him. I looked at all the objects on and by the table. Joe laughed. Dammit, she told me to visualize everything I needed to manage everything in life, not just my health. I interpreted her incorrectly.

I shuffled through the objects, “That won’t work… no, not that either. It’s all stuff for my health. He’s got a weapon…”

HT reminded me that I was safe.

“I know, he can’t use it on me but… no, the answer isn’t having my own weapon, that won’t work…”

I continued trying to problem solve while Joe laughed and mocked HT. Finally, HT suggested that there was a cell in the corner of the room. I looked and there it was, a plexiglass type of cell in the corner. It was the one corner I had not visualized anything for.

HT asked me to put Joe in the cell. I tried putting my hands on him. I couldn’t even touch him. There was no violence allowed in this room, not even to push, even if it’s me doing the pushing.

“I can’t move him,” I said.

“Of course you can’t. This is all bullshit. Come on, Jack. Let me help us. Let me lead,” Joe said.

HT told me it was my room and I had the power. Joe suddenly slid into the cell and the door closed. His bewildered look made me laugh out loud. HT asked me what was happening.

“He’s in the cell now,” I laughed, “and he has no idea how I did that!”

HT said Joe has everything he needs to survive in the cell so he can stay there for now. She had me leave the room then wake up.

“What on Earth was that?” I exclaimed.

It was such an amazing experience and I rode that high for hours.

I still feel quite good today. Strong and confident.

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