Carol’s Job part 1

Carol has worked in the food service industry for close to 20 years now. For 10 years, she worked for a couple who owned a restaurant. The owners had children of their own who came to work at the store from time to time to Carol’s annoyance, and the husband sometimes had a temper, but other than that, things went quite well.

Carol worked up to an assistant manager position. Her hopes of becoming manager were dashed when the couple sold off their store and the new owner, who was rumoured to be a sexual harasser himself, chose the youngest, prettiest girl he could find to manage Carol’s store. The lack of experience of her new manager was apparent, and Carol saw no more opportunities to move up. She left her job shortly after.

Carol applied to one of Phil and Janice’s stores. She got the job. Her intention and their intention for her was to work her way up through the ranks to manager. It was a different kind of restaurant though, and she had to start at the bottom and prove herself to be capable.

It took her 3 years to achieve the title of manager, but she wasn’t done yet. She saw the opportunity to oversee all of Phil and Janice’s stores. That was the ultimate job for her, the peak of success in her career. After being the manager of each one their stores individually, Carol achieved her dream job as a general manager for the company the year before last. She got a massive bump in pay, she had more flexibility in her hours, and she was at the highest she could climb without actually owning a chain of stores.

I’m trying to show you just how important her job was to her. After I kicked Carol out of the house, I wasn’t surprised that a woman who was putting no effort into her marriage was also out sabotaging it, but the career that she had put in all her effort to attain the highest position she could get? Why was she sabotaging that? And with the biggest shithead she ever had to deal with in a job?

It will never really make sense, but I figured out and discovered enough that fits in with what I’ve witnessed from my end over the years, that I’ve made as much sense of it as I can for now. I could go into great detail about the theories I’ve had and rejected along the way and how I’ve come to determine the most logical conclusion of an illogical situation, but that would be for another post.

The point is, this job was everything to her. Her great achievement. The peak of her success.

She is still working there today.

Recently, I thought, wait a minute, we got back together in August, why is she still at this job in January? I went back and recalled all the details but you may be wondering too.

So that is what I will write about next.

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