Thoughts Before Our Next Session

Last night, I talked to Carol about our upcoming marriage counselling session. "So, what do you think there will be to discuss at our session?" I asked. "I'm not sure," Carol replied. It's always difficult to start these conversations with her. It takes a bit to get her talking. We had a little back and … Continue reading Thoughts Before Our Next Session

Learning to Love Again

What can I say? Things have been really good. We've made a ton of progress over these last seven months or so. I had a great hypnosis session with which I had a lot of fun finding a creative way to write about. This week, we will see our marriage counsellor for the first time … Continue reading Learning to Love Again

Jacks and Carols: Time Travel Through Hypnotherapy

I land gently in my meadow. The long, green grass rustles with the cool, spring breeze. The sound brings me back to that perfect little moment in my childhood when all thought drifts away as the wind gently caresses all that it touches, cooling my body and making waves through the wheat fields around me. … Continue reading Jacks and Carols: Time Travel Through Hypnotherapy