Musings of a ‘Nice Guy’

Warning: messy post of thoughts from a betrayed spouse. It's been about a year since the betrayal. Lately, the day has come and gone largely unnoticed over the months, but the day and month together is hard not to notice. Still, I'm not going to acknowledge it out loud in any way. This is all … Continue reading Musings of a ‘Nice Guy’

Trauma Reversal

I gave HT a summary of my vacation with Carol, not unlike the one I provided in my most recent post. She asked me about the day after I over drank. "I told her I was just worried that she would think less of me from seeing me not at my best, but really, I … Continue reading Trauma Reversal

A Nightmare and a Therapy Session

I have a whole lot to say, yet nothing to say at all. I'm home, I'm tired, I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm relieved, I'm at peace, I'm tormented, I'm hopeful, I'm doubtful. I'm everything all at once and, at the same time, nothing. I'm still a mixed up, contradictory person, but at least … Continue reading A Nightmare and a Therapy Session