What You Did

Today, I wait to leave for home until I know you’re out of the house. You’ve done nothing new to earn this resentment. It’s just always there under the surface, ready to pop up when I see/hear/feel something that makes me rage. Today, I rage at the sight of a Facebook friend suggestion. I thought … Continue reading What You Did

Thoughts – June 2020

The following entry is simply me writing how I feel as I feel it. Working through my thoughts in writing this morning turned my mood around so I’m glad I did it. Sometimes I feel like I’m turning into a monster, and sometimes it gets so bad that I actively look for signs to convince … Continue reading Thoughts – June 2020

What’s Been Going On? October – November

It seems that, starting in October, I began to slip into depression. I thought it lasted for around a month but, looking at my unpublished entries, it appears to be closer to two months. Time flies, I guess. Here are some notes on what has happened over the final months of 2019. OctoberIn an unpublished … Continue reading What’s Been Going On? October – November

Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

The last time I saw HT in therapy, I didn't provide the full details of the session in a blog post. We mostly discussed my health but at the end of the session, there was an exchange about Carol that I've been thinking about: "She had to do something so terrible to realize that what … Continue reading Reflecting on an Undocumented Session