Carol’s Job part 2

In May of 2018, Rick's parents went on vacation and left Carol and Rick to run the stores on their own. Carol told me that Rick had actually stepped up and was doing his job in this period. I'm sure it was only his latest cycle of damage control after pushing Carol too far, as … Continue reading Carol’s Job part 2

Equality vs. Power and Control

In my most recent marriage counselling post, I talked about some sheets we were looking at that described healthy and unhealthy relationships. I wanted to share them with you. The Equality Wheel Non-Threatening Behavior Talking and acting so that she feels safe and comfortable expressing herself and doing things. Respect Listening to her non-judgmentally. Being … Continue reading Equality vs. Power and Control

A Casual Conversation About the Affair

At 5:00am Monday morning, Carol woke up to see me browsing on my phone. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Working on the timeline," I said. I looked through Facebook then made some notes on key dates. No longer able to sleep, I started preparing for the day, which would start with getting the kids … Continue reading A Casual Conversation About the Affair