Progress? Part 2

So, on our vacation I had opened up to a friend about something I’ve not spoken or written of, and I sort of talked to my wife about how I’ve been feeling inside. One more thing happened during that trip to remind us all of the past and it came from our daughter. Sarah has … Continue reading Progress? Part 2

Anniversaries, Continued

I’ve had to delete a few comments lately. If you noticed that your comment hasn’t made it past approval, it may be because of what’s explained here: Do You Know Jack? If you don’t have it in you to read my long, rambling writing on the subject (seriously, Jack, get to the point!), the summary … Continue reading Anniversaries, Continued

Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

The last time I saw HT in therapy, I didn't provide the full details of the session in a blog post. We mostly discussed my health but at the end of the session, there was an exchange about Carol that I've been thinking about: "She had to do something so terrible to realize that what … Continue reading Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

Anniversaries, Emotions, Triggers, etc.

At the beginning of the month, I took Carol out to celebrate our anniversary. The night before I took her out, I asked her if she remembered what happened on that day a year ago. Of course, she didn't. She doesn't write things down so she won't remember significant dates outside of birthdays and whatnot. … Continue reading Anniversaries, Emotions, Triggers, etc.