What’s Been Going On? October – November

It seems that, starting in October, I began to slip into depression. I thought it lasted for around a month but, looking at my unpublished entries, it appears to be closer to two months. Time flies, I guess. Here are some notes on what has happened over the final months of 2019. OctoberIn an unpublished … Continue reading What’s Been Going On? October – November

Out of the Black

I've been fighting a battle with myself. The battle to care or not care, to love or not love, to hate or not hate. I guess I was just getting worn down by it all because I was falling into these bouts of depression. I began to avoid communicating altogether. After all, it was just … Continue reading Out of the Black

Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

The last time I saw HT in therapy, I didn't provide the full details of the session in a blog post. We mostly discussed my health but at the end of the session, there was an exchange about Carol that I've been thinking about: "She had to do something so terrible to realize that what … Continue reading Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

A Nightmare and a Therapy Session

I have a whole lot to say, yet nothing to say at all. I'm home, I'm tired, I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm relieved, I'm at peace, I'm tormented, I'm hopeful, I'm doubtful. I'm everything all at once and, at the same time, nothing. I'm still a mixed up, contradictory person, but at least … Continue reading A Nightmare and a Therapy Session