What’s Been Going On? October – November

It seems that, starting in October, I began to slip into depression. I thought it lasted for around a month but, looking at my unpublished entries, it appears to be closer to two months. Time flies, I guess. Here are some notes on what has happened over the final months of 2019. OctoberIn an unpublished … Continue reading What’s Been Going On? October – November

Out of the Black

I've been fighting a battle with myself. The battle to care or not care, to love or not love, to hate or not hate. I guess I was just getting worn down by it all because I was falling into these bouts of depression. I began to avoid communicating altogether. After all, it was just … Continue reading Out of the Black

A Casual Conversation About the Affair

At 5:00am Monday morning, Carol woke up to see me browsing on my phone. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Working on the timeline," I said. I looked through Facebook then made some notes on key dates. No longer able to sleep, I started preparing for the day, which would start with getting the kids … Continue reading A Casual Conversation About the Affair

August Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

Okay, one more post before my weekend getaway with Carol. Thanks again to everyone for all of your support. Walking the Journey, thank you so much for your insightful comments, you are amazing! I bounce around the timeline quite a bit in my posts, so I like to occasionally organize my story in as close … Continue reading August Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

When the Dark Cloud Lifts and the Truth Shines Through

I've covered a lot of ground in these blog posts already but there are gaps in the timeline. There's over 6 years of a marriage breaking down under my nose. There were many great memories in that time and a handful of bad ones. Ones that made me think, this marriage is doomed. Do I … Continue reading When the Dark Cloud Lifts and the Truth Shines Through

Anniversary Weekend

I tried to do a condensed version but there's no way around it. I need to be as thorough as possible about our conversation. It's important. If you've been cheated on and are working on reconciliation, you need to have these kinds of talks. It's not easy but if you truly love each other and … Continue reading Anniversary Weekend

The Nightmare part 1

Carol was visiting her good friend, Kelly. I called her from the parking lot outside the doctor’s office. If my brain was functioning properly, I’d have known to wait until we were both home and told her in person. But right now, I was only an outside observer, watching myself do these things. “Hi honey!” … Continue reading The Nightmare part 1