Weekend Adventures, Learning to Love Again

During the week, I put in my time at my job then I come home and work towards my goal of turning one of my hobbies into a career. Then on the weekends, we find something to do as a family. It's a good routine now. The ideal would be cutting the job out of … Continue reading Weekend Adventures, Learning to Love Again


I've mentioned Lydia before but not by name. During our weekend getaway, it was Lydia who had contacted Carol, in tears, over the state of her store and Rick's lack of help. Speaking of the weekend getaway post, I can't believe how detailed I got with my sexual adventures. How embarrassing! Let me tell you … Continue reading Masks

The Pressures of Marital Sex

Yesterday, Carol said she will be free next weekend, so throughout the day I found a babysitter and booked a hotel for our weekend getaway. Our plan is to just enjoy some time together with shopping and drinking. ‘No pressure’ I said when I first brought up the idea but as I told her during … Continue reading The Pressures of Marital Sex

When the Dark Cloud Lifts and the Truth Shines Through

I've covered a lot of ground in these blog posts already but there are gaps in the timeline. There's over 6 years of a marriage breaking down under my nose. There were many great memories in that time and a handful of bad ones. Ones that made me think, this marriage is doomed. Do I … Continue reading When the Dark Cloud Lifts and the Truth Shines Through