The Interview

It’s been a rough year so far, that’s for sure. I’ve been sick, injured, sick, then injured again. I’ve barely had a week or two to enjoy in good health. When asked how I’m doing, I usually steer the conversation to my joy of playing music which is so fulfilling in my life at this … Continue reading The Interview

Out of the Black

I've been fighting a battle with myself. The battle to care or not care, to love or not love, to hate or not hate. I guess I was just getting worn down by it all because I was falling into these bouts of depression. I began to avoid communicating altogether. After all, it was just … Continue reading Out of the Black

A Year of Blogging part 2 – Reflecting

June has been a special month at the Jack Narrator household. For one thing, it's the first June we've spent together at this house as a family. We bought our house in 2017. In June of that year, we were out of our old house and in the basement at Carol's parents' home as we … Continue reading A Year of Blogging part 2 – Reflecting

December 2018 – Marriage Counselling

It's been a month, that's for sure. I've posted some snippets of thoughts and moments last month, but December was very full of activity. Lots of activity and little desire to blog about it. We had dinner with the enemy and reliving it later by writing about it turned a day of healing into a … Continue reading December 2018 – Marriage Counselling