"How are you doing?" HT asked. "Pretty good, I guess. I have a headache today, though," I replied. "That's too bad. Can you get comfortable? "Yeah, I'll manage." "So, what's been happening in the past few weeks?" She asked. "Well, we had our camping trip," I said. "And how did that go?" "It was okay. … Continue reading Happiness?

How to Defeat the Anger

I saw HT last week. We talked for the most part then spent a few moments at the end of the session trying some exercises to help me let go of the anger. There is a pattern developing here. I enter the session feeling pretty empty and emotionless, then the anger comes to the front, … Continue reading How to Defeat the Anger

Jacks and Carols: Time Travel Through Hypnotherapy

I land gently in my meadow. The long, green grass rustles with the cool, spring breeze. The sound brings me back to that perfect little moment in my childhood when all thought drifts away as the wind gently caresses all that it touches, cooling my body and making waves through the wheat fields around me. … Continue reading Jacks and Carols: Time Travel Through Hypnotherapy