Memories – Sadie

Sadie was a friend of a friend's sister. Since everyone seems to be connected somehow, in spite of most of us being from different towns/cities, I had come to know Sadie through the same person I had come to know Doreen, and eventually Carol. However, I don't think Doreen really knew Sadie and I doubt … Continue reading Memories – Sadie

Joe’s New Home

Let me start this off by telling you that Hypnotherapy is amazing. I was nervous about it at first but after my third session, I'm not as afraid of letting my mind flow freely in a relaxed state anymore because I have a good therapist to guide me through the hypnosis. Let me tell you … Continue reading Joe’s New Home

Marriage Counselling 5

We had to take separate cars to counselling so we could go to our separate jobs after. As I left the house, I said, "So, I guess I'll see you there." "What's wrong?" Carol asked. "Something's been... off with you over the past few days." "Because I didn't join you in the shower?" She asked. … Continue reading Marriage Counselling 5