Thoughts – June 2020

The following entry is simply me writing how I feel as I feel it. Working through my thoughts in writing this morning turned my mood around so I’m glad I did it. Sometimes I feel like I’m turning into a monster, and sometimes it gets so bad that I actively look for signs to convince … Continue reading Thoughts – June 2020


After all I've been through in life, I think I've finally learned to embrace uncertainty. There are no guarantees. Not even marriage guarantees a future with another person, but we should've known that from the start, shouldn't we have? The thing is, we don't go through the ritual of the marriage ceremony thinking that anything … Continue reading Uncertainty

The Woman Who Never Knew Me

"Christ, Jack, what did that old man ever do to you?" Carol asked me, half teasingly. I snapped out of my deep thoughts and back into the mall food court. "Who?" I asked, looking around us. "What old man?" "The one you were giving a death stare at. You looked like you want to kill … Continue reading The Woman Who Never Knew Me

Equality vs. Power and Control

In my most recent marriage counselling post, I talked about some sheets we were looking at that described healthy and unhealthy relationships. I wanted to share them with you. The Equality Wheel Non-Threatening Behavior Talking and acting so that she feels safe and comfortable expressing herself and doing things. Respect Listening to her non-judgmentally. Being … Continue reading Equality vs. Power and Control