Anniversaries, Emotions, Triggers, etc.

At the beginning of the month, I took Carol out to celebrate our anniversary. The night before I took her out, I asked her if she remembered what happened on that day a year ago. Of course, she didn't. She doesn't write things down so she won't remember significant dates outside of birthdays and whatnot. … Continue reading Anniversaries, Emotions, Triggers, etc.

Social Media

I post anonymously on Internet forums about things that interest me. Over the years, I've made the odd comment about my personal life. Rarely, I may see an old discussion thread come up and notice that I had posted in it years ago, so I look back and see what I had said. Recently, I … Continue reading Social Media

The Woman Who Never Knew Me

"Christ, Jack, what did that old man ever do to you?" Carol asked me, half teasingly. I snapped out of my deep thoughts and back into the mall food court. "Who?" I asked, looking around us. "What old man?" "The one you were giving a death stare at. You looked like you want to kill … Continue reading The Woman Who Never Knew Me