It’s Been a While

Hey, how're you doing? It's been a rough couple of years for everyone. It's been rough for me, that's for sure. Much of it due to the situation we're all in, some of it being things not directly related to it. I made the mistake of expressing some of my 'blah' feelings during a presurgery … Continue reading It’s Been a While

The Interview

It’s been a rough year so far, that’s for sure. I’ve been sick, injured, sick, then injured again. I’ve barely had a week or two to enjoy in good health. When asked how I’m doing, I usually steer the conversation to my joy of playing music which is so fulfilling in my life at this … Continue reading The Interview

What’s Been Going On? October – November

It seems that, starting in October, I began to slip into depression. I thought it lasted for around a month but, looking at my unpublished entries, it appears to be closer to two months. Time flies, I guess. Here are some notes on what has happened over the final months of 2019. OctoberIn an unpublished … Continue reading What’s Been Going On? October – November

A Year of Blogging part 2 – Reflecting

June has been a special month at the Jack Narrator household. For one thing, it's the first June we've spent together at this house as a family. We bought our house in 2017. In June of that year, we were out of our old house and in the basement at Carol's parents' home as we … Continue reading A Year of Blogging part 2 – Reflecting

A Nightmare and a Therapy Session

I have a whole lot to say, yet nothing to say at all. I'm home, I'm tired, I'm happy, I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm relieved, I'm at peace, I'm tormented, I'm hopeful, I'm doubtful. I'm everything all at once and, at the same time, nothing. I'm still a mixed up, contradictory person, but at least … Continue reading A Nightmare and a Therapy Session