Memories part 2

It's this morning and my stomach hurts. Something I ate, a touch of a virus, who knows. It happens from time to time. It’ll run its course and be gone before I know it. Just like it does with anyone else. It’s the late ‘80’s and my stomach hurts all the time. This will last … Continue reading Memories part 2

August Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

Okay, one more post before my weekend getaway with Carol. Thanks again to everyone for all of your support. Walking the Journey, thank you so much for your insightful comments, you are amazing! I bounce around the timeline quite a bit in my posts, so I like to occasionally organize my story in as close … Continue reading August Chronology of Jack’s Broken Heart

Million Dollar Family

Carol was carrying our second child inside her while also working for two thanks to Rick taking advantage of her picking up his slack. One day at work, she suddenly stopped what she was doing and asked a coworker to cover for her. “What’s wrong?” Her coworker asked. “I think I just peed myself,” Carol … Continue reading Million Dollar Family

Coping with Life Changes, Dealing with an Idiot

We had life throw us some curveballs but things were turning around again. I finished school and found a new job shortly after. Carol had steady work managing a restaurant. We were living in a two bedroom condo with our son. We had all we needed, we just had to start paying off debts and … Continue reading Coping with Life Changes, Dealing with an Idiot