Social Media

I post anonymously on Internet forums about things that interest me. Over the years, I've made the odd comment about my personal life. Rarely, I may see an old discussion thread come up and notice that I had posted in it years ago, so I look back and see what I had said. Recently, I … Continue reading Social Media

Memories – Sadie

Sadie was a friend of a friend's sister. Since everyone seems to be connected somehow, in spite of most of us being from different towns/cities, I had come to know Sadie through the same person I had come to know Doreen, and eventually Carol. However, I don't think Doreen really knew Sadie and I doubt … Continue reading Memories – Sadie

The Woman Who Never Knew Me

"Christ, Jack, what did that old man ever do to you?" Carol asked me, half teasingly. I snapped out of my deep thoughts and back into the mall food court. "Who?" I asked, looking around us. "What old man?" "The one you were giving a death stare at. You looked like you want to kill … Continue reading The Woman Who Never Knew Me

Jacks and Carols: Time Travel Through Hypnotherapy

I land gently in my meadow. The long, green grass rustles with the cool, spring breeze. The sound brings me back to that perfect little moment in my childhood when all thought drifts away as the wind gently caresses all that it touches, cooling my body and making waves through the wheat fields around me. … Continue reading Jacks and Carols: Time Travel Through Hypnotherapy