What’s Been Going On? December

Feeling even worse, I wrote an entry about the darkness inside but again, I left it in my drafts, then I published an entry about how I almost opened up to my wife. At some point after the dark clouds started to clear, seemingly on their own, but I made sure to book another appointment … Continue reading What’s Been Going On? December

What’s Been Going On? October – November

It seems that, starting in October, I began to slip into depression. I thought it lasted for around a month but, looking at my unpublished entries, it appears to be closer to two months. Time flies, I guess. Here are some notes on what has happened over the final months of 2019. OctoberIn an unpublished … Continue reading What’s Been Going On? October – November

Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

The last time I saw HT in therapy, I didn't provide the full details of the session in a blog post. We mostly discussed my health but at the end of the session, there was an exchange about Carol that I've been thinking about: "She had to do something so terrible to realize that what … Continue reading Reflecting on an Undocumented Session

Thoughts Before Our Next Session

Last night, I talked to Carol about our upcoming marriage counselling session. "So, what do you think there will be to discuss at our session?" I asked. "I'm not sure," Carol replied. It's always difficult to start these conversations with her. It takes a bit to get her talking. We had a little back and … Continue reading Thoughts Before Our Next Session